OUT-of-state deaths

Handling a loved one’s death that happens away from where their burial will take place can make everything from planning to transportation more complicated and expensive. But when you make Jeffer & Harris your first point of contact upon receiving news of a death, our team will ensure your loved one is transported to the location where the service will be held as quickly and affordably as possible.   

Many people live far from their final resting place. When they pass away, you need to make the necessary arrangements to bring them to the cemetery, where they will be laid to rest. Jeffer & Harris has years of experience handling these services for our clients.

The Process

We have partnerships with funeral homes nationwide to ensure your loved one will be treated with the empathy and professionalism embodied by Jeffer & Haris. Following our instructions, they will transport the deceased from their place of death to their local funeral home. From there, our representative will provide shelter, complete the necessary paperwork to secure a permit, place the deceased in an airline-approved transfer case, then transport your loved one to the closest airport. They will also arrange for the deceased to be flown to a New Jersey airport. Once your loved one arrives, our director from Jeffer & Harris will receive the flight, transfer the body to our funeral home, and begin organizing funeral arrangements  as discussed by you. 


It may seem like the best choice to contact a local funeral home in the area where your loved one passed away. However, getting in touch with Jeffer & Harris first will be more beneficial. When two funeral homes get involved with a person’s funeral arrangements, you will typically pay more for the same service. But your overall costs become more manageable when one funeral home manages everything from transport to burial. The funeral homes we partner with give us a special price typically lower than a family contacting them directly. Make Jeffer & Harris your first call at 732-929-7200.


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