At Jeffer & Harris, we understand that selecting a casket is an incredibly personal and emotional decision. It’s the last item you’ll ever buy for your loved one, making it even more significant. We recognize that each person’s circumstances are unique, and cost is an important factor to consider.

To support you in making the best decision for your specific situation, we’re here to provide helpful information. Our selection of Funeral Caskets adheres to Halachic (Jewish) law, as they are entirely metal-free, crafted from wood, and assembled using wooden dowels and glue. The prices vary depending on the wood’s rarity, the craftsmanship, intricate details, and the type of finish. Ultimately, the cost is influenced by the level of production required.

It’s important to remember that the chosen casket will not postpone the natural process of your loved one returning to the earth; this is in line with the Jewish tradition, where nothing should delay this process. Instead, we encourage you to choose a casket that aligns with your budget and what you believe to be a fitting tribute for your loved one.

We understand the difficulty of this decision, and we’re here to assist you at any time. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our goal is to support you during this challenging time and help you find the perfect resting place for your loved one at Jeffer & Harris.

Our Caskets

AWC Noah

Noah - #71009037

Solid pine with an unfinished interior. 


Dan - #71006572

Solid poplar with a maple wheat finish and a crepe interior.

AWC Almond

Almond - #71009692

Solid pine with a solid pine and crepe interior.

AWC Asher Golden Oak

Asher I - #71006604

Solid oak matte tan finish with rosetan crepe interior.

AWC Haggai

Haggai - #71006888

Solid polar satin finish with white dexter interior.

AWC Gideon Stained

Gideon - #71006688

Solid poplar satin wheat finish with a white dexter interior.

AWC Simeon

Simeon I - #71006797

Solid poplar unstained natural finish with white crepe interior.

AWC Simeon Wheat Finish

Simeon II - #71983008

Solid poplar antique mahogany finish with moselle crepe interior.

AWC Esrom

Esrom - #71009699

Solid poplar satin Cambridge finish with rosetan crepe interior.

AWC Zara

Zara - #71009695

Solid poplar chocolate brown finish with crepe interior.

AWC Moriah Polished Colonial

Miriam - #71009128

Solid poplar polished finish with orchid crepe interior.

AWC Obadiah

Obadiah - #7100663

Solid poplar gloss Brooklyn finish with crepe interior.

AWC Rosh

Rosh - #71009030

Solid poplar walnut finish with a rosetan crepe interior.

AWC Gabriel

Gabriel - #71203751

Solid poplar satin golden ginger two tone finish with ivory basketweave crepe interior.

AWC Jahleel

Jahleel - #71006615

Solid poplar shaded finish with crepe rosetan interior.

AWC Ramah

RAMAH - #71006565

Solid oak satin rustic brown finish with white crepe interior.

AWC Asher Unstained

ASHER II - #71007138

Solid oak unstained finish with linen interior.

AWC Asher Rustic Brown

ASHER III - #71006609

Solid oak timber finish with Star of David.

AWC Joseph Satin Peach

JOSEPH - #71009701

Solid poplar Cambridge finish with crepe interior.

AWC David

David - #71007140

Solid oak satin two-tone finish with crepe rosetan interior.

AWC Dunfield

Dunfield - #71009141

Solid oak shaded polished brown finish with crepe interior.

AWC Rebecca

Rebecca - #71006854

Solid oak golden tan shaded finish with champagne weave interior.

AWC Tohar (2)

Tohar - #71006587

Solid maple finish with crepe interior and Star of David.

AWC Moriah Polished Colonial

Moriah - #71006865

Solid cherry polished Colonial finish with velvet interior.

AWC Moses

Moses - #71009683

Solid walnut finish with an almond velvet interior.

AWC Shebat

Shebat - #71006800

Solid mahogany finish with a champagne velvet interior.

AWC Judah

Judah - #71006589

Solid mahogany dark red finish with velvet interior.

AWC Hezekiah

Hezekiah - #71006880

Solid mahogany finish with a sand velvet interior.

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