A Death is near

Losing a loved one is never easy, even when we know their time is near. Parting ways with someone so significant in your life can still be heartbreaking. You’re probably finding it difficult to feel fully at peace with what’s about to happen. Many families prepare by making funeral arrangements and asking their loved ones for their wishes. Unfortunately, some don’t have the chance to do this and are left to organize everything amidst their grief.

Jeffer & Harris Funeral Home is here to give you and your family the support and guidance you need if you’re currently facing this challenging situation. Our team will help you create a heartfelt obituary, determine an appropriate disposition, select a resting place, and organize the deceased’s transportation. We’ll also handle the necessary paperwork, including the death certificate, to ensure the process runs smoothly. Let us ease your stress and help you honor your loved one’s legacy.

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